Undoubtedly, we all feel happy when we say vacation. We really need life-saving products to be with us in order not to encounter unexpected surprises on vacation. It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter vacation, it should be a must-have in our sunscreen cream bag. It is a product that we must use to protect it. Most of us are uncomfortable with the fact that the protective properties ranging from SPF 20 to SPF 50 leave whiteness on our skin and have difficulty using the product. Lynaderm has seen the sensitivity on this issue and designed a product that does not remain white and solid when applied to the skin, but also has high protection properties. Even if you use sunscreen cream, especially those who are sensitive to sun should have a hat and glasses. Again, there should be an after-sun cream that will provide relief after the sun and nourish the skin by moisturizing (it may contain hyaluronic acid). In addition to this, we should not forget the lips, it would be good for lip care to have a lip balm in your bag. Of course, we do not forget to take our skin cleaning products in our bag.

In order to protect against the bites of our little friends in our holiday bag, there should be a pest protection spray or cream. I recommend products containing tea tree in this group. Happy holidays with your loved ones.

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